Gustavo Alfonso Rincon (Ph.D. Candidate, M.Arch., M.F.A., B.Sc., B.A.)

| Architectural Design/Engineering | Art/Design Director | Computational Arts Researcher | Curator | Educator | Media Artist |

Rincon’s arts + design projects includes curating, educating, and exhibiting works nationally and internationally. As an Architectural Designer, Rincon served clients in the U.S., Europe, United Arab Emirates and China.



Gustavo Alfonso Rincon (Ph.D. Candidate, M.Arch., M.F.A, B.Sc., B.A.) currently is a Senior Graduate Researcher working for the AlloSphere Research Group in the California NanoSystems Institute and currently is a Ph.D. Candidate | Graduate Student Researcher in the Media Arts & Technology Program (MAT) at University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). His collaborative projects have exhibited at the ACMMM 2017 Conference at the Computer History Museum in Palo Alto, California, the ISEA 2017 Conference at Museo de Arte de Caldas in Manizales, Colombia, the ISEA 2019 Conference at the Asia Culture Center in Gwaungju, Republic of Korea, and SIGGRAPH 2020 Washington Convention Center in the D.C. (Virtual). The premiere opening exhibition of the Quantum Composition Research Series at the The Wolf Museum of Exploration + Innovation (MOXI), Santa Barbara, CA. Also exibited collaborative works with the translab and published with the Four Eyes Lab at UCSB.


Rincon is educated as a design architect | media arts researcher. Rincon holds Masters Degrees in Architecture and Urban Design (Architecture and Urban Design) from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) as well as a Masters in Fine Arts from the California Institute of the Arts School of Art (CalArts).He holds Bachelor's degrees of Science in Architecture from the School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation and of Arts from the Art Department at University of Maryland, College Park (UMD).

During his tenure at UCSB he simultaneously worked as a teaching assistant for both the Media Arts & Technology Program (MAT) and the Technology Management Program (TMP) for the College of Engineering. He also worked for the Computer Science Department (CS), the UC Institute for Research in the Arts (UCIRA), and MAT on special projects.


Rincon worked as an Architectural Designer with architectural firms in Los Angeles, CA serving clients in the U.S., Europe, United Arab Emirates and China. Simultaneously, he worked as an Industrial & Interactive Designer, creating events & theatrical set designs in which he combined media arts, computational design, and engineering into new multisensorial manufactured environments.

Rincon served as Director of the Foundation for Art Resources (F.A.R.) in Los Angeles for 4 years and created events collaborating with the Japanese American National Museum (JANM), Los Angeles Municipal Gallery (LAMAG) & Theatre, and Campus at Barnsdall Art Park, MAK Center for Art and Architecture (MAK) and Museum of Contemporary Arts, Los Angeles (MOCA).


Everything is information. Space is information. Complex systems are information. Our world outside of our understanding is information. All movement around that links all of humanity together, commerce, the internet, and telecommunications. The computational platform that controls our world uses information as data and has changed our societal progress. The information organized and shaped by algorithms are abstract in mass and scale.

ETHERIAL - ISEA 2019,Lux Aeterna

by Dr. JoAnn Kuchera-Morin, Dr. Andres Cabrera, Kon Hyon Kim & Gustavo Rincon. Research: Quantum Physics, Composition, Generative Arts, Virtual Reality, Fabrication and Instrument Design




Shaping Spaces - Creating New Media Architectures in Actual and Virtual Environments using Self-Organizing Systems & Worldmaking Poetics


This dissertation is an investigation of a dynamic media architecture conceptual framework that focuses on information as the foundation of building form, shape and structure. Coming from the notion that every material object and structure is made from the information that describes its use, the computational platform facilitates exploring information as dynamically shaping structure, continually changing, comparable to self-organizing systems in nature. A study of forms, patterns and space will be undertaken for creating generative media artworks designed for the environment that shapes the content and the content shaping the environment. Unique forms of architecture based on agent-based behaviors controlling the content of the self-organizing system that determines the shape of the virtual world/environment will be a main focus. Another important focus is the research in software platforms that are the instruments that produce the content that makes and shapes the environment. In a series of studies a New Media Architectural methodology will be presented. The studies will consist of emergent spatial, visual, and sonic 2D, 3D and material objects, that were dynamically formed through self organizing algorithms.


Conceptual Art, Computation, & Design

I investigate aesthetics as institutional critique traversing Agent Based Modeling Algorithms, Art, Architecture & Design, Complexity, Computer Music, Media Arts, Science, & Mathematics. My overall body of work also comprises of exhibitions, experimental graphics, events, fabrication research, instrument design engineering works, media installations, performance and technology research.


A summary of Academic and Professional Research Activities.



If you want to discuss research opportunities directly, you can find me @ grincon(at)ucsb.edu