Homework 4

due: Sunday March 8th

Implement a band-limited oscillator and an analog style filter and connect them together. You can borrow existing implementations and put them in the system we've developed in class, or any other low-level system. Deliver the code and some examples of the sound that comes out of the process.


Homework 3

due: Sunday February 22th

Submit a written proposal for you final project. Include as many details as possible about the goals, the deliverables and the mechanisms and tools you want to use.



Homework 2

due: Sunday February 15th

Work on the production of at least three different and interesting tones using FM. A starting point can be the suggestions from the Chowning article. At least one of the tones needs to use three oscillators. For each tone record the way the oscillators are connected and the parameters used.





Homework 1

due: Friday January 23rd

Compose a study using pure sine waves, generating the tones using C code. Use mathematical relationships to determine frequencies. The sequencing need not be done in C, you can layer tones together in an audio editor.

Lecturer: Andrés Cabrera

Room: Elings 2003

TA: Joseph Tilbian

Quarter: Winter 2015

Mailing list:


This course surveys established techniques for audio synthesis and digital signal processing applied to sound. Additive, Subtractive, FM and Granular synthesis will be explored and implemented. Additionally, processing techniques like filtering will be covered. It is a practical course focused on software implementations of the various techniques, and will be permeated by discussions about performance and sound quality.

Theoretical aspects related to the various techniques are discussed, and particular emphasis will be placed on their implementation in computer algorithms. Artistic and practical use of the techniques will also be discussed and tested with the implementations. Different existing implementations will be compared and studied, in particular those found in widespread systems like Csound, Supercollider, Gamma and CSL.


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