Akshay Cadambi

Title: Adding modulation and control to MSynth

This project attempted to add the basics of control and modulation into MSynth. MSynth was developed as a simple and easy to use library for producing interesting sounds on the Arduino. It can now do amplitude modulation and ring modulation along with a rudimentary attack/decay envelope.


Matthias Wagner

Title: Orko MultiShifter Plugin


The incoming signal is split into 4 frequency bands via Linkwitz-Riley crossover filters, where the crossover frequencies between the bands can be adjusted. Each band's frequency can be independently shifted up or down, or all 4 bands can be shifted by the same amount. Frequency shifting is achieved through single side amplitude modulation with a Hilbert filter and sine / cosine modulators. The plugin was implemented using the JUCE framework.

Source available upon request.

Nathan Weitzner

Title: OSCSender

This project sends sensor data from a smartphone to a computer. The smartphone application contains a view for each of the following sensors: accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer. An additional view has several graphical sliders. The computer runs an application with three sinusoidal oscillators where the frequency of each is controlled by the incoming data.




Osc code:

Homework 2:

due: Sunday, May 17th

Homework 2



Homework 1

due: April 19th 2015

Lecturer: Andrés Cabrera andres@mat.ucsb.edu

Room: Elings 2003

TA: Joseph Tilbian

Quarter: Spring 2015

Mailing list: http://lists.create.ucsb.edu/mailman/listinfo/240



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