w09 Final Work-In-Progress

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w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by glegrady » Wed Jan 11, 2012 11:13 pm

Breifly discuss what your final project research/exhibition proposal may be.
George Legrady

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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by ellencampbell » Wed Mar 07, 2012 8:20 pm

"Wishing Well" Installation

I want to design an interactive "wishing well" for installation in a gallery. The well would require research of one-way mirror technology, motion sensor technology, and camera projection. The participant will approach the wishing well and look into it to see dark water. The participant will be prompted to look down further to see their reflection in the mirror underneath the water. They will set off a motion direction by bending further over the well, thus turning off the light projected underneath the one-way mirror. When the light below the mirror is turned off, it becomes transparent. The participant will then see an image of the last participant looking into the well. I would also like to figure out how to add something that would give you that person's wish, either through writing or a speaker.
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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by juliakristine91 » Wed Mar 07, 2012 11:23 pm

For this final project i have decided to use the technology of the Invisibility Cloak that uses mirages which researchers from University of Texas have discovered. They use nanotubes — one-molecule-thick sheets of carbon wrapped up into cylindrical tube — have the density of air but the strength of steel. Through electrical stimulation, the transparent sheet of highly aligned nanotubes can be quickly heated to high temperatures. By transferring that heat to its surrounding areas, a steep temperature gradient is generated, which causes the light rays to bend away from the object concealed behind the device. Therefore, the object appears invisible.
http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2011/10 ... n=Previous

To use this technology in an arts space, I could have a giant four wall room, in which all four walls of the room are like aquarium. the viewer would just see water. Since this technology works best in water i feel that this would be the best way to display something that could appear then disappear. There could be Mirrors in the water or replicas of famous artworks. As the viewer walks around the room, they invisibility cloaks would be activated randomly throughout the show. this could surprise people or wonder what is happening around the room.
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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by mogle09 » Mon Mar 12, 2012 12:28 pm

"3D Bacteria" Project
For my project, I want to combine two of the technologies I found. I want to use both the nano ear and the aerial 3D system to create an interactive environment for the viewer. First, I will use the nano-ear and record sounds of different bacteria. After the bacteria have been recorded I am going to combine the sounds I receive to create musical beats. Then, the floor of the gallery space with be lined with multiple aerial 3D systems. After I have made the music from the bacteria, I will coordinate the 3D system to project images and colors that match certain bacterial noises. So as the music plays in the gallery the 3D system will flash. This will all take place in a small gallery space.

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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by christinekim » Mon Mar 12, 2012 6:44 pm

There is a new invention that charges your iphone or smartphone device 24 hours by simply breathing. Joco Paulo Lammoglia, an inventor from Brazil, has released his new AIRE concept- " a system that converts air flow harnessed from breathing into energy that can be used to charge devices like smartphones and mp3 players."
The AIRE won the award for reddot Design in 2011. The air flow turns tiny turbines which converts into electrical energy. It can be used from sleeping to running, offering a 24 hour renewable energy source. Not only is it renewable energy but it reduces carbon footprint.

The concept would be to reduce carbon footprint and to see how amazing a simple necessity such as air, that is all around us, can be used to charging our phones. The everyday hassle of having a phone that runs out of battery in a few hours can plainly be fixed by breathing a little.

http://www.stumbleupon.com/su/32L9Av/ww ... d-2012-03/

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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by brenna.osborn1 » Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:33 pm

For my final project, I would like to use haptic technology in order to interact with a digital life form. I would combine two different haptic technologies that I have found on the web - the first being the Japanese haptics robot "HIRO III" (http://www.popsci.com/technology/articl ... -d-objects) which is a robot that allows you to feel like you are touching a 3-d object on the screen in front of you. The second technology would be the type that allows you to feel the texture of a digital screen. This has become very popular in the development of ipads and other touch screen interfaces. Senseg interfaces are one such company that has been looking into this technology (http://senseg.com/experience/senseg-experience).

I would like to combine the two so that users can create their own pet or monster in the 3-d interface which could be anything from a ball with fur or an articulated human with scaly skin. Then, once the creature is created, it is dropped into a virtual world in which you can interact with it by touching. You will be able to put your hand in the robotic hand behind the screen and actually wrap your hand around the creature or feel it's dimension. Then, the fingertips would incorporate the same type of vibration-based haptic technology for touch screens in order to recreate the texture of the creature. There also could be some interaction with past creatures that people have made or that others are making in the room at the moment.

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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by mmihalche » Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:37 pm

From the technologies researched I would like to use the laser that produces clouds as part of an artistic environment. In order for the laser to work the air has to be highly saturated with water which made me think quite a lot about Hans Haackes "condensation piece" where the people around a glass cube would generate heat that would produce condensation inside the glass. I would like to have the audience participate and maybe have a big space flooded by water that will have small platforms like islands raised on top of the water at different heights with suspending bridges in between as connectors. These bridges will move as people pass by and activate the laser that will transform the highly water saturated air into clouds and rain.As people walk they might arrive into these clouds that might form on one side of the room and not the other. The rain flowing would be collected and directly driven to the irrigation system outside. The samll islands might look like gardens and have plants growing that will receive water from the gallery rain and sun from the window on top of each island.

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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by wangqian321 » Mon Mar 12, 2012 11:28 pm

“Touch your words” Installation

For the final project, I would like to design an interactive and tangible installation. In this project, I hope people’s words could be transformed into something visible. The computer could response to the length of the talking and people’s emotion, and transforms the data into signals that could be presented on the touchscreen. It might be turned into figures, colorful lights or flames. Moreover, the figures visible on the touchscreen could be shaped by people’s presence, position and motion. And the process of transforming sound into vision will help people feel this world in a different way. There could be several modes for the installation, if people choose the mode of multi-play, then the touch screen will present all the recordings with similar length of sentences, and transforms them into certain visual elements. They will be different from each other based on the differences of people’s emotion and volume of talking when they speak.
I would need to research the technology about visualization of sound (both the sensitivity to meaning and emotion) and tangible technology. And this project inspires me a lot.

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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by martincastro » Mon Mar 12, 2012 11:55 pm

I would like to install microphones in public area like a park or a library and display monitors around the area so that people in the space can see on the monitor map where the quiet and louder areas are located. These microphones will be based on the G.R.A.S type50GI using LabVIEW and NI USB-9234 system which process sound levels and converts them to colors on a map of the area. Different colors correspond to different sound levels.This allows the user to visually read the volume of sound in their spacial area. I also want to create a room in the same area were the walls are lined with speech jammer devices that forces whomever enters the room to become silent. These devices do not literally create silence but instead stops speech by listening in with a directional microphone and playing the sound back with a 0.2 second delay. This creates an environment in which one is simply unable to speak. The technical term for this is delayed auditory feedback. When people talk we also rely on hearing our own voices in order to properly speak. By hearing a 0.2 second delay of our own voices our brain cannot register the sound we are hearing which in turn disrupts our speech. The only way to stop this discomfort is to stop speaking. This phenomena allows the speech jammer to stop people from talking. The room installation will have its walls lined with directional speakers and microphones pointed toward the center of the room interrupting anyone whom enters the space. This installation will make people more aware of sound and sound pollution in the area they are in. It will also make them aware of the sound they themselves are creating in a space. This installation is interactive to an audience who choose to engage with the different spaces.
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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by rjliang » Tue Mar 13, 2012 12:11 am

Mechanophores is a class of materials recently developed at the University of Illinois that change color when they are stressed or after a polymer reaches a critical strain. They could give an engineer a quick visual indication of whether a bridge is at risk and where the trouble lies prior to failure.

I want to create a simple yet visually stimulating environment. I will do this through building a giant grinder in the shape of a tunnel. I haven't decided what material I want to throw into the tunnel/grinder yet, but whatever material it will be...it will be very small in size, come in large quantities, and, through the use of mechanophores, each piece will light up with one color as it is stressed and change to another color as it is being broken. As viewers walk through the glass/clear tunnel, they will experience the continuous flashing of lights as pieces within the tunnel are being continuously broken.

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