w09 Final Work-In-Progress

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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by mel.weismann » Tue Mar 13, 2012 4:01 am

My installation consists of a single wall-sized array (covering the entire wall) of nanocantilever biosensors (http://www.purdue.edu/uns/html4ever/200 ... ocant.html), each one set to detect a different kind of virus or other lurking biological entity (bacteria etc.). Each sensor (or, rather each group of sensors that is meant to detect a certain disease) will trigger a set of LED lights to flash on and off when it detects what it is meant to detect - so if a certain cold virus is found, some LEDs will light up. The name of whatever virus/bacteria is detected will scroll across a screen in the center of the wall, showing people what was found in the air around them (or, if nothing special is actively detected, a history of what was recently found there will be displayed).

The purpose of the installation is to demonstrate the fact that, while we cannot see these hidden particles, they are around us all the time and can have serious consequences for us (or not). It forces us to ask questions about the people we are surrounded with - is it really worth the risk of illness to be around other people? People might begin to worry about themselves after seeing what is floating around them; maybe they will consider modern trends in self-diagnosis, the nature of hypochondria, or the microscopic world that is all around them. This could be displayed in a hallway, for people to experience as they are in transit between other installations, because it works best if many people are moving through its space.

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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by kithugstrees » Tue Mar 13, 2012 5:42 am

I had a couple of ideas for my project:

One of them is a play on the talking mirror in Snow White. A plain, help body, two way mirror will be placed on the wall of a gallery with a webcam looking out at the viewer. The webcam then will have a face resongnition software that will determine certain emotions based on facial structure and blood pressure. The range of emotions will have a different vocal response that corresponds to them (i.e. if someone is frowning, the mirror will tell him/her "You dropped your smile").

Another, if I can find a way to successfully do it, is to have a two way mirror of sorts that is much larger, almost taking up an entire wall. Behind it will be a few cameras that are catching the movement of the people in the gallery space. What is difficult and maybe unrealistic about this idea, is to have a two-three minute delayed recording playing on the surface of the "mirror". People would see the piece and at first glance may think that it's a regular mirror, but later notice that their reflection is not there or that it is in the place they were a couple of minutes ago. It would be interesting to stand in front of the mirror and watch yourself two-three minutes into the past. And if you stay in front of the mirror long enough, you can even watch your reflection walk up to you. Actually, it would either be one large mirror on a wall or maybe a play on the mazes filled with mirrors and glass that are in most funhouses.

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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by jessicalaw04 » Tue Mar 13, 2012 7:19 am

My idea for final project:
Beauty standard is something that changes over time and is definitely affected by culture. All the advertisements and commercials are the standards of what beauty mean, and some people blindly follow them. The "beauty standard" now tends to be toward skinny people.
Artist Anna Giordano's 'Venus Project' gives the goddess a photoshop makeover to look more like todays 'standard' of beauty..."in order to reconsider both the subjectivity of cultural standards and the inclination of modern society and advertising companies to edit most images of the feminine body in order to reach a fake perfection, corresponding to an unreachable reality."

And my idea for the final project is to bring back the old standard of beauty. Using a similar machine as the project "back to the mouth" http://www.kosaka-lab.com/kosaka_labora ... roject.php, that participants eat and blow their breathe into the sensor, which is connected to a camera, and instead of a shooting game, the machine would create and image of the participant based on the breathe and would grade them with the old "standard of beauty."

Also, there would be a few commercial advertisements retouched with the standard of beauty in the past.

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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by baxterwfrick » Tue Mar 13, 2012 7:52 am

-Vortex Room Installation-

I want to design an interactive installation that is "spectacular" in its aesthetic appeal. The primary technology I will use are vortex guns, technology capable of shooting out rings of electrically charged gas rings at 90mph, which force smoke and other particles in the air to cling to walls, furniture, and other objects. This is the properrty I am going to harness in my installation. Accordingly, I will also need some sort of smoke machine, which will fill a glass cased room with. The final piece will be a control panel, linked to the multiple smoke machines and multiple vortex guns, which will be strategically placed around the room in order to allow people the ability to create their own aesthetic visuals. The theory behind my project is that different color smoke will fill the room at the the spectator's control, where upon they can also choose which vortex guns to fire. The smoke will be pushed and pulled by the vortex guns electrically charged rings and viually form a brilliant spectacle.

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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by ewoodworth » Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:29 am

project proposal:

The robots I researched are capable of calculating their positions relative to the objects in their surroundings; this allows them to fly through moving objects. I thought it would be interesting to create an interactive piece where the viewers could change or move the objects in the space where the robots are flying around. Then there would be something to track the path of the robot; maybe using a GPS where the path could be viewed electronically, or some sort of sponge/paint-filled sac that would draw the path physically on the ground. One of the coolest features of these robots is their ability to work together, so I would like to incorporate a multi-robot aspect as well where each robot would be designated its own color, and together they could make unique pieces.

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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by kyle_gordon » Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:37 am

"Ghost Painter"

The idea behind my project is to utilize 3D hologram projection along with animation in order to create a live installation where the artist is constantly at work painting live. The piece will utilize a Musion Eyeliner 3D Holographic projector, a contained space where the viewers can peer through a window (The projection only works in an almost completely closed off area), and precomposed animated footage of paintings that the hologram will appear to paint in real time.

To add further to the project and the utilization of the hologram's capabilities, the artist can change form, move inhumanly, or transform into other people, celebrities, or even 3D characters.

The overall objective of this project is to take a technology that is still in development and advancing over time, and placing it in an artistic space. From the eyes of the audience, they are watching a painter do his installation live and create works of art over time with precomposed material which remains as if it were really there. However in actuality, none of it really exists and is all simply projected and erased (possibly erased by the artist hologram so it can loop) as time goes on.


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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by tikamoini » Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:48 am

The New Tree

For my final project, I would like to research solar panel energy absorption as well as photoelectrochemical water splitting and create a beautiful tree-like structure that uses these technologies in their leaves to hold onto the energy that is being absorbed. My hypothesis is that because of plant's vertical structures and circular, rounded leaves, a structure built in this form that uses solar panels and photoelectrochemical water splitting will absorb and retain the maximum amount of solar energy possible. I also plan to research the Metal Organic Framework (MOF) in storing hydrogen the most efficiently. "The molecules are so porous that they can be used to store large amounts of hydrogen at a low pressure. Today, hydrogen is stored at a high pressure, which is both expensive and potentially unsafe".*
These trees would be placed together in a forest of trees in a park or natural area where hey can gather the best amount of sunlight. These trees could also be placed in green areas around the city where their energy could be accessed by those who need it. and as an aesthetically pleasing, energy-efficient new age tree.

*http://www.fastcoexist.com/1679410/a-mo ... s-take-off

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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by goldgills » Tue Mar 13, 2012 8:59 am

For my final project I plan on having interactions take place between the digital and real world via haptic technology. My idea comes from Kobito: Virtual Brownies, where these imaginary virtual creatures are able to interact with the real world by moving objects. However I want to twist the interaction phase so that the person interacting with the digital object, is actually a virtual creation of the last person who was interacting with the piece.

So the interaction is human to human, but one is represented digitally. While the person is being scanned into the computer by 3-d image mapping, the computer is recording their movements, their voice, and a sense of personality. The person being scanned can choose from a list of interaction rules their 3-d self will perform. This way there is a set of rules the computer will follow for the next person who walks up to the piece.

The set up of the piece will look something like a mirror. In real time a person walks up to the mirror, and would be able to virtually see in the "reflection" of the last person who was standing there. They will be able to interact by touching the mirror in various locations, and feeling vibrations of where the last person touched. There will be a table with objects on it, where the digital can interact with the real world, by moving objects. The real time person would be able to feel the push and pull of the virtual represented person by these objects.

http://www.siggraph.org/s2005/main.php? ... h&s=etech3

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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by atbournes » Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:04 am

http://www.technologicaladvances.net/fu ... y-cyborgs/
For my final Project I plan on using the synthetic skin we discussed in class to turn myself into a living, breathing sculpture. i plan on integrating viewer interaction by giving them a certain amount of control over what muscles the synthetic skin builds up. The whole time the skin will also be relaying my brain and heart activity information to the viewers. That is my idea at the moment.

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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by karenyliu » Mon Mar 19, 2012 4:44 pm

The Emotional Room
My project of The Emotional Room is a combination of detection of human emotion with music and pattern projected walls based on the audience’s emotion. In the middle of a dark room set with a chair that contains a device which collect date of heart rate and skin temperature. With the date we collect from the participant, we instantly have information about the person’s emotion whether he/she is happy, sad, angry, or stressful. Based on the emotion we analyzed with, the program plays songs that stored in the database grouped in different areas of emotions, and projects certain color pattern (on the walls around the participant) that also represents certain emotions such as black for anger, blue for sadness and wavy pattern for relaxation while angular shapes represents acute emotions. With this kind of project, the audience experiences a private room that combines visual and audio performance that is created specially and personally only for him/her.

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