Proj 8 - final Project - Time & Transition

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Proj 8 - final Project - Time & Transition

Post by glegrady » Tue Feb 26, 2013 2:55 pm

The final project is in After Effects. Consider it as a work in time but with digital still photographs and transitions. Review all the assignments we have done in class: Layers, spatial mapping, noise, and create a time-based work that builds on these.

1) Work with still images
2) Use transformations and filters to transition between images
3) Have a concept by which the images are connected
4) Consider how transitions in time, speed, slow motion, etc. engage the viewer's attention and emotions.
5) You can use sound but assemble it from fragments. Don't use songs.
George Legrady

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Re: Proj 8 - final Project - Time & Transition

Post by alfong » Wed Mar 13, 2013 6:41 pm

For my project, I used 50 images of mario ranging from 1981- 2010. each of the pictures that shows on the screen is a mario from a different time period. I tried to distort the image to make it unrecognizable. The song with the movie is a representation of my childhood, the song I always used to listen to when playing super mario. The movie moves from kind of clear with noise, to an 8-bit form because the past has happened and it's a blur, but I; still building the blocks for the future.

download my after effects file:

watch my movie, Time Lapse:
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Re: Proj 8 - final Project - Time & Transition

Post by kateedwards » Wed Mar 13, 2013 9:23 pm

For my final project I wanted to use photographs from a personal album full of road trips I've taken with my mother. I primarily utilized gaussian blur, variations in exposure, and quick transitions in order to give the piece a sense of how we experience fleeting memories. The video is meant as a nostalgic representation of moments in my past which I either wish to relive or cannot fully remember, leading to the varied frame length and treatment of each image used.



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Re: Proj 8 - final Project - Time & Transition

Post by abbiebroeder » Wed Mar 13, 2013 11:53 pm

For my final project, I tried to stay away from my attachment to image content, and use elements such as time, noise, and transformations to emphasize certain aspects of the project. I wanted to use the tools that we have learned throughout the course to distort, emphasize, and place certain importance over some key frames over others, without emphasizing a direct narrative that correlates to my images.To me, the final composition represents the unorganized, constantly adapting, and constantly corrupted world that visual images convey through their inevitable presence in our lives.

I used around 90 images, playing them at a rate of around 30 frames per second.
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Re: Proj 8 - final Project - Time & Transition

Post by giovanni » Thu Mar 14, 2013 1:26 am

For my final project I didn't start from a concept-idea,
but instead I spent some time exploring AE,
looking and trying different combinations of image-processing primiteves (blur, noise, layers, opacity, saturation, hue ecc...) and effects,
and writing a list of possible pictures that I could have "make".
The aim of this pre-production phase was to find connections, parallelism, and way to expand or distort the visual content, or convey new or different meaning, dissassembling and destroyng the source material.
I did some demo with portraits or ambivalents images,
for example I had a picture with a hand in which there was hand-written the word "solution",
to play with the figure of speech "have the solution in the palm of your hand",
that in this case was both figurate and real because of the real label.

Then I have established some rules:
1) distort the original images until they become barely understable, but still recognizable (for a very short time, or in the middle of a transition, or with a very low opacity ecc...)
2) use also text as a visual element, to connect the sequence of images and create a narrative meaning.
3) alternate, during the montage, text, visual contents, and processing techniques, to handle time and space

Finally all the the effects of blurriness, distortion, change of perception etc. brought me associate all this with the charachter of Henry Chinasky.
Henry Charles "Hank" Chinaski is the literary alter ego of the American writer Charles Bukowski, appearing in many of Bukowski's novels, a number of his short stories and poems, and in the films Barfly and Factotum. Although much of Chinaski's biography is based on Bukowski's own life story, the Chinaski character is still a literary creation that is constructed with the veneer of what the writer Adam Kirsch calls "a pulp fiction hero."
At this point a collected a certain amount of quotes, that I wanted to use in the sequence.

So the concept that comes out is to create a sequence that would explore and express the point of view of the character:
- sometimes on a first-person perspective (ex. the first image is the awakening after a heavy drunk, staring at the crumbling ceiling, not being able to focus...)
- sometimes with some quotes that depicts his "vision of life"

The title is: Little history of alcoholism and misanthropy


Original AE file in a dropbox folder:

The rendered video in quick-time high-quality is 2.2 gB, so I'll upload on vimeo a low-quality version:

- Henry Chinaski / Charles Bukowsky ... ki?page=13

- image as visual element ... yQGau4GADA

- AE ... 1369&y=-42
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Re: Proj 8 - final Project - Time & Transition

Post by sidrockafello » Thu Mar 14, 2013 8:43 am

For my last project the source material is heavily drowned in blood, guts, and zombies. I took the images the the far depths of Photoshop... we have the the technology to make them grainier, sharper, and more destroyed than ever before! So I destroyed the images and sent them to oblivion, then brought them back to reanimate them in Aftereffects (evil laugh)!
My process of destroying included using the image adjustments bar, separating out layers and then creating layers for adjustments. After i would compress the images together into one and continue manipulating them by using the slicing tool, and the lasso. Other tools used was effects like grain, sharpen and blur to disconnect the viewer from what was once a recognizable image, to what is now my digital abomination!

My video ran into many complications while trying to upload to youtube and vimeo. I feel the file size was the issue that lead to the inability for it to be uploaded.
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Re: Proj 8 - final Project - Time & Transition

Post by hraguse » Thu Mar 14, 2013 12:21 pm

For my final project I wanted to create an illusion of physically moving through space. To do this i kept a rhythmic pattern of still images while also adjusting zoom. I added noise and blur effects in order to alter the original images yet had to keep some unedited in order to understand the concept. Motivation for this project came from the Power of 10.

View: ...

Download: ... LFINAL.aep

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Re: Proj 8 - final Project - Time & Transition

Post by briandang » Thu Mar 14, 2013 1:16 pm

The concept behind my final project revolved around the idea of recreating a drug experience. I wanted to use image manipulation technology to visualize somethings that happens in the brain. I chose my images from my own personal collection of pictures from nights out. I was inspired by glitch art and how glitch art isn't about making sense or creating a smooth and ordinary narrative. It is about being aesthetically interesting and using the computer as the basis for art making. This process reminded me of the way drugs interact with the brain creating imagined images in the mind. Both drugs and glitch art take us away from reality and on to the visual simulation. For my project, I wanted to go away from the images being recognizable. I edited each image on Photoshop using skilled acquired through previous projects and culminated them by using After Effects to transcend the images into movement. The story behind the project is the beginning of reality slowly drifting into a drug-enhanced state of mind. There are glimpses of reality within the experience, but for the most part, we are engulfed in the visual environment of it. In After Effects, I used many different effects, but the effects that stood out most in my project where Blobbyize and Turbulent Displace. I used these effects is several places and I felt that it really created the aesthetic of drugs that I was going for.

Final Project:

Link to After Effects:
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Re: Proj 8 - final Project - Time & Transition

Post by nnlaor » Thu Mar 14, 2013 1:22 pm

For my final project I wanted to create an image with a sequence. An image is a representation of an event happening in four dimensions. I created a sequence reflecting transformation and generation through noise. The movement is to convey development of the process. Activity is happening, growth is in the frames.
My inspiration was from the process of water inin three different forms. Gas, liquid and solid. They are all happening at once. The sounds are brain signals read with a microphone. It is somewhat called a brain storm.



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