09.26 M254 Course Introductions

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09.26 M254 Course Introductions

Post by glegrady » Sun Oct 06, 2013 2:18 pm

Course Syllabus: http://www.mat.ucsb.edu/~g.legrady/acad ... 3f254.html

Course Description: The course examines the process by which discovery takes places through visits to science labs on campus. We will trace how data collection followed by data analysis leads to discovery. Results must then be described, represented and disseminated. WE will also study how this occurs through sample examples at the UCSB Featured News.

Questions we want to address: 1) How do scientists get from analysis of data to discovery? What is the methodology and what is the process by which that happens? Do artists proceed in a similar or different way? 2) What are the methods of representation? To what degree does aesthetics play a role in the process of scientific discovery and representation?

Course Goals: To map out the process by which data collection leads to discovery
To study the role of tools, technologies as means to discovery
To what degree is the representation a neutral process?

Student Work: The course will conclude with student presentation/papers to be presented in class and posted at the course website on the topic of research, discovery, and representation.
George Legrady

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