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. Concept description
This project continued the concept from my previous assignment, with the addition of lines connecting checkout instances of the same title together. This highlights items that are checked out more than once, since it is the case with many of them.
This project is an extension of my 2D project. Each checkout instance is represented as a point that float from a certain distance y on the same plane as others. I used x axis to represent each day and hour of the month, y axis to represent the duration for which the item is kept, and y axis to represent each day and month of the year of 2016. Curved lines are drawn to connect checkout instances that share the same title, therefore tracking the checkout activity of that particular title throughout the year.
The x axis is very long, the visualization was intended as a "road" the the user goes through.

. MySQL Queries
SELECT title, (title LIKE '%depression%' AND title NOT LIKE '%great depression%' AND title NOT LIKE '%new deal%') AS depression, (title LIKE '%melanchol%') AS melancholia, (title LIKE '%boredom%') AS boredom, (title LIKE '%tedium%') AS tedium, -- (title LIKE '%ennui%') AS ennui MONTH(cout), DAY(cout), HOUR(cout), MONTH(cin), DAY(cin), HOUR(cin) FROM spl_2016.inraw WHERE DATE(cout) BETWEEN '2016-01-01' AND '2016-12-31' AND(HOUR(cout) BETWEEN 10 and 20) AND (-- title LIKE '%schizophrenia%' -- OR title LIKE '%bipolar%' (title LIKE '%depression%' AND title NOT LIKE '%great depression%' AND title NOT LIKE '%new deal%') OR title LIKE '%melanchol%' OR title LIKE '%boredom%' OR title LIKE '%tedium%' -- OR title LIKE '%ennui%' ) GROUP BY title , MONTH(cout), DAY(cout),HOUR(cout),MONTH(cin),DAY(cin),HOUR(cin) ORDER BY MONTH(cout) ASC,DAY(cout) ASC LIMIT 500

. Processing time
The query took 71 seconds.

. Sketches and work-in-progress screenshots
. Final Results
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