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Post by glegrady » Tue May 11, 2021 6:54 pm

Weeks 7,8,9 focus on Machine-learning, Convolutional Neural-Networks, Deep Fakes, etc. all things related to the issues we are facing through Artificial Intelligence and its impact on photography. We are in an unresolved situation: a) We believe in photographs, b) Photographs/videos can be faked. The culture has yet to figure out how to make sense of this discrepancy!

The final work for this course is to address this dilemma. You are free to do a report, write a computer code, create an artwork, the important component is that the project should address the dilemma of the photographic image today.

. May 13, 18 - I will continue with presentations
. May 20 - TBA meaning that I want to see how much we can cover in the next two presentations, and see what may need additional attention
. May 25 - Please be prepared to discuss what your approach may be to the question addressed by the course
. May 27 - Describe how you will approach the topic
. June 1 - lab time
. JUne 3 - Final presentation
George Legrady

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