12.12 Final Project Description

Transforming Data: Cultural Strategies in DataMining
Instructor: George Legrady
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Re: 12.12 Final Project Description

Post by athenallewellyn » Wed Dec 21, 2011 10:05 am

Decoding the Universe. A look at one tarot card.

In this project I hope to decipher imagery of the tarot card, #21, the Universe.

The tarot deck tells the story of human's search for meaning. The major arcana cards numbered 0 (the fool) through 21 (the universe or world) represent the fools journey through various stages of development and understanding. #21, The universe is the culmination of this journey, stands for the balance of 4 earthly elements which creates the 5th element, a new beginning, and begins the journey again on a new level of development. Through an investigation of the visual, historical, theoretical and theological contexts of the card's imagery through a visual map, I hope to uncover its meaning.

Inspired by Fluxus art history map, this project hopes to delve into the meanings and history presented within the visual representation of the card. Here is a link to the fluxus map: http://www.wordsinspace.net/urban-media ... 1162-1.jpg

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Re: 12.12 Final Project Description

Post by lazad518 » Mon Dec 26, 2011 2:28 am

USA vs CH.

A data visualization that aims at illustrating the socio-economic relationship between the United States and Switzerland in the last ten years, and what may have caused the power paradigm shift which now places Switzerland as an economically and socially stronger country than the United States.

I was inspired by Nicholas Fenton who in his Fentron project uses his skills as a designer to delve into the realm of data visualization: http://feltron.com/ar06_06.html. His skills are very much as a graphic deisgner and we can see this in his work, but what is remarkable is the combination of beautiful design elements, and a very clear information structure and information illustration. So that it isn't just pretty, it makes sense.
Catalogtree http://catalogtree.net/projects/infographic was also a big source of inspiration where I found an important amount of data visualizations and infographics, specifically Trophy Size Matters by RS Owens who uses abstract reasoning and illustrating to show the difference in importance between the different trophies in American Politics, Sports and Entertainment.