w09 Final Work-In-Progress

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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by michaeld.johnsoncst » Mon Mar 19, 2012 5:47 pm

The Haptic Room

My final project is an extrapolation of existing electrostatic haptic technology. It is a small, circular room 6' in diameter, with a large array of electrostatic electronics installed throughout every surface of the room. The user wears a fully body suit, including a helmet with a full 360 degree flexible LCD display. The suit, similar to a wet suit, is also equipped with the same haptic technology as the room, just with smaller resolution, allowing for finer haptic details (such as texture) to be handled by the suit.

Through the 360 display in the suit's helmet, the user is placed into a virtual reality environment. The display is broken down into two portions, one for each eye, to create the effect of depth.

Stereo speakers inside the helmet, utilizing binaural recordings, realistically recreates the environment's sounds, whether it be a busy street in paris, or a forest in northern california.

The program delivering the visuals, is also programed with spatial information (include texture) of the environment the user is exploring. This data is passed along to the haptic suit, and the the electrostatic electronics behind the the wall that encircles the user, the floor, and the ceiling.

The Circular floor is equipped with treadmill like technology, allowing the user to walk, run, and to emulate walking up or down a steep plane.

The walls project out fields of electrostatic, and dictate how easily or how hard the user can pass through the space. Rock solid walls can be emulated using the electronics behind the wall, and the wall's texture emulated through the gloves of the haptic suit. What the user sees through the in-helmet display, is what they experience physically.

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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by j_j05ham » Mon Mar 19, 2012 9:45 pm

For my final project i want to create an iteractive art piece where the audience helps develop the actual art work. After doing research I found a sticker/tattoo like electrical device that monitors changes in the human body and wirelessly sends the information to a monitoring devices without the hassle of huge machinery and endless wires. The tattoo/sticker will be placed on a few of the art gallery audience members, probably somewhere that not everyone will know they are participating in the art work. At the moment I think I would like to present the information on a large screen that shows the human changes as in the form somewhat like a puls machine seen in the hospitals. Overall, the screen will constantly be changing and showing how the human body changes though interaction with other humans as well as in animat objects such as the other art works present in the gallery.

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Re: w09 Final Work-In-Progress

Post by erikbarrios07 » Mon Mar 19, 2012 10:54 pm

Holographic Architecture and Sculpturing

For my final project I ha planned to push the medium of Holgraphic design with the technology of zebra imaging. This new technology allows both the holographic sheet and certain image file to transpose in a 3D image. The holographic sheet can project the architecture and or certain sculpture in 3D allowing viewers to either surround it by looking at it bird eyes view or even straight on. With his new 3D holographic technology the idea of 3-D objects in a museum can change the way we one may walk into a museum and see architectural pieces or see different sculptures. With this technology I feel that it can be not only used for architecture but these new screens can been used for more enhanced displays on cells phones and even television screens.

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