Proj 3 - Student Defined Visualization Project

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Re: Proj 3 - Student Defined Visualization Project

Post by yixuanli » Tue Mar 15, 2022 10:35 am

Yixuan Li's Demo Project
Visualization for field workers' data

This is a demo project of project 3 to show the whole process of developing a visualization for a dataset. In this project, I would like to create a visualization to show the data related to field workers’ physical situations in California. I was mainly curious about how the temperature and humidity data changed at different times and for different field workers. This visualization aims to show strategies for pre-processing the dataset, approaching data from various aspects, interacting with the visualization, and using colors and shapes to represent features.

The data was collected from The data records 49 filed workers’ physical temperature and humidity data hourly collected by sensors attached to them. I used Pandas in Python to preprocess the data.
iButton data
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The visualization shows patterns about how field workers’ physical data changed with respect to time. Users can explore the data through various scopes.
There are three axes in this visualization: the time axis (at what time the data was collected), the date axis (at what date the data was collected), and the index axis (the field workers’ index in alphabetical order). There are three visualization models: the data’s trend in each day with respect to the time, the data’s trend with respect to the date, and the overall data of each sample.
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