SynthEdit Modules

BitCrush v1.1

A bit-crusher is an effect that allows you to change the incoming audio's bit depth and sampling rate. This can give the sound a "lo-fi" type effect and/or introduce heavy aliasing at extreme settings.

Clock v1.3

A simple clock with some extra features for driving logic gates, sequencers and such. Emits an impulse after a specified number of clock cycles to trigger resets or whatever else you can imagine.  Put it in your modules/logic folder.

Henon Map v1.2

Turn SE into an algorithmic composer!  This module is based on the Henon equations and can be set to iterate on a gate for note selection or continuously for strange noises.  Put it in your modules/waveform folder.
Includes an algorithmic composition tool/demo.


Patch Pulse v1.0

Emits an impulse whenever there is a patch (program) change.  Useful for keeping multiple sequencers synchronized.  Goes into modules/MIDI.

Pitch Shifter v1.0

This is actually a prefab, not a module, but useful nonetheless. Lets you pitch scale an audio signal in semi-tones.  Put it in your prefabs/effects folder.

Seeded Probability Generator v1.2

Make your sequencers more interesting with probabilities.  Instead of on/off switches, why not assign a probability to the step?  You can also use the seed feature to create endless amounts of repeatable rhythms.  Goes in the modules/math folder.
Includes a simple probability based drum machine demo. 

Seeded Random Generator v1.3

This can be used for just about anything you can imagine, LFOs, melody creation, white noise, etc.  The best part is that you can repeat the same sequence of random numbers with the seed/plant function.    Goes in the modules/math folder.
Includes a demonstration on how to use the seeding feature.

Sines v0.6

This is a basic building block for constructing a sine-wave based additive synth. It allows up to 16 harmonics with adjustable volume for each. It also allows modification of the harmonic envelope with a control similar to a low-pass filter.  Put it in your modules/waveform folder.