10.01 Questions to Ask Research Labs

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10.01 Questions to Ask Research Labs

Post by glegrady » Sun Oct 06, 2013 2:08 pm

Our goal this fall is to visit a number of labs to compare methodologies as to how scientific research takes place, in particular the transition from "collecting data to analysis to discovery". Our study by the end of the fall, will be used to provide the framework for a 2 day symposium on the theme of research and methodology for the late winter or spring 2014.

We are interesting in addressing the following set of questions:

a) How do you gather data
b) What kind of technology is used
c) Does the research make you design new technology
d) How is your data analyzed
e) How do you make assumptions based on the analysis
f) How does the analysis result in discovery
g) How do you represent the results
George Legrady

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