Presentations on Wed, Feb 2nd

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Presentations on Wed, Feb 2nd

Post by angus » Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:15 am

Hi, I'm looking forward to your presentations. Again, the idea is to present 1) the concepts, and 2) a creative implementation of the concepts. When you teach the concepts, imagine yourselves as a teacher explaining the basic algorithms, coding techniques, and applications to a small class of enthusiastic media arts programmers with an introductory knowledge of OpenGL programming. If possible, try and do something genuinely creative with your implementation-- that is, above and beyond the simple tutorial examples you are drawing from. You are free to collaborate with others, especially in the teaching presentation.

Below is a list of who has signed up for which technique and a pointer to some simple online tutorials which discuss the technique. You are encouraged to find alternative tutorials & explanations as well. Try and get a head start on this assignment by this weekend so that there is plenty of time to get clarification, etc.

Blending textures : Nehe 8 & 9 - Haru & Danny

Vertex displacement / morphing : Nehe 11, 25 - Haru & Gates

Particle system : Nehe 19 - James & Mike

Sphere mapping / Cube mapping : Nehe 23, ... orial.html - James; Danny

Height mapping : Nehe 34, ... ?heightmap - Gates & Mike


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