Proj1 - Image Resolution Assignment

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Proj1 - Image Resolution Assignment

Post by glegrady » Tue Jan 08, 2013 3:48 pm

Take an image post 2 or more versions. For the first version try to improve the image with the following steps:
- Image Size
- Histogram
- Saturation
- Color Balance
- Sharpening

For the 2nd image, using the above functions transform the image in an interesting aesthetic way. You could also try saving in compressed versions.
George Legrady

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Re: wk1 Image Resolution Assignment

Post by briandang » Thu Jan 10, 2013 6:09 pm

This is the original image.

brightness: 10
contrast: 20
levels: 56, 1.18, 255
hue: -10
saturation: +10
sharpened objects in the foreground

original image size: 2448 x 3264
resized to: 576 x 768

resized a copy of image to 57 x 76 then sized it back.
color balance: -60, -69, +42
saturation: -32
custom curve
levels: 29, .66, 255

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Re: wk1 Image Resolution Assignment

Post by kateedwards » Sat Jan 12, 2013 6:15 pm

For this assignment I chose to manipulate a photo I took of my twin neighbors.
Original unedited image
Enhanced/corrected image

The second image has been enhanced with the following adjustments:

Image resized to 1200 x 806, resolution 300
Levels: 25, 1.2, 230
Curves: input 138, output 156
Saturation: +10
Color Balance:
Midtones: +3 red, +5 blue
Shadows: -5 cyan, +5 blue
Highlights: -25 yellow
Unsharp mask: amount 55%, radius 1.0

In order to "destroy" my third image I went back and forth between the different tools, so the steps are a bit confusing. I tried to make the image have a different aesthetic feel than a typical portrait. I'm not used to using just these features to make photos look like a deconstructed image, but making random adjustments led me to a color palette and overall look unlike what I originally intended/started with.
Transformed image

This image was created with the following adjustments:
Levels: 55, 1.0, 225
Hue: -135
Saturation: -55
Lightness: +20
Color balance:
Shadows: -15 cyan, +5 blue
Midtones: -20 cyan, +15 green
Highlights: -5 cyan, -25 yellow
Curves (pulled random points)
Unsharp mask: amount 100%
Color balance:
Shadows: -40 cyan, -100 magenta
Lightness: -50
Color balance:
Midtones -40 yellow
Highlights +70 red, -100 yellow

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Re: Proj1 - Image Resolution Assignment

Post by alfong » Sun Jan 13, 2013 9:45 pm

Original Image:
First Modification:
Image resized from 4272 x 2848 to 1024 x 683
Levels: 15, 1.22, 229
Saturation: +32
Hue: +3
Curve: output 71, input 67

Second Modification:
Image Resized: 400x267
Resized back to 1024 x 684
Levels: 0, .72, 190
Posturize level 10
Saturation: -11
Curves: output 51, input 81

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Re: Proj1 - Image Resolution Assignment

Post by abbiebroeder » Mon Jan 14, 2013 10:15 pm


I used Hue/Saturation a lot and sharpened the image in order to bring out the greens and make the colors more vibrant. I'm not happy with the amount of noise that is in the "corrected" image, but I like the fact that the color of the leaves and butterflies really are enhanced. I had fun distorting my picture by resizing and saving the image in order to achieve the pixelated effect that is seen in the third image.
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Re: Proj1 - Image Resolution Assignment

Post by nnlaor » Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:21 pm

The attachment uge-ard-drive.jpg is no longer available
uge-ard-drive copy.jpg
I did quite a few things to get the image before I got to the end
-modify color balance
-mid-tone and highlight color balance adjustments

-Added 1000 px
-subtracted 1190
-layer type= exclusion
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Re: Proj1 - Image Resolution Assignment

Post by hraguse » Tue Jan 15, 2013 12:56 pm

Original Image:
Fixed Image:
Although the fixed image does not look that different from the original, I went through many modifications to adjust it.
-Resized the image
-Adjusted Curves
-Adjusted the Hue/Saturation of:
Red, Yellow and Cyan
-Adjusted the Colorbalance (Shadows and Midtones)

Destroyed Image:
I struggled a little with this part of the assignment because my first attempts at destroying the image were not obscure enough. I found it difficult to make this photo extreme because I found these changes not very aesthetically pleasing. In order to make these adjustments I basically just played around with the different tools.
-Resize the image
-Resize it back
-Adjusted Curves
-Saturation to +12
-Adjusted Levels
-Added Gaussian Blur

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Re: Proj1 - Image Resolution Assignment

Post by sidrockafello » Tue Jan 15, 2013 2:54 pm

This is a scanned image of a past drawing, done in pencil then ink, with visible brush strokes
The main goal for this image was to sharpen the blacks to look unified and bring out a traditional comic book print feel. The corrections made were:
Brightness/Contrast: 2/55
Curves: Output/36 & Input/94
Exposure: sampled a white in the image to balance color
For the last image I made more modifications starting out with CUTOUT in artist styles. The following modifications were:
Brightness/contrast: -82/-39
Gamma: 1.00
Saturation: +73
Lightness: 1
Midtones: -41 Magenta
lowrider palace.JPG

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Re: Proj1 - Image Resolution Assignment

Post by giovanni » Fri Mar 08, 2013 6:52 pm

Changed levels RGB, curves, color balance, and high pass filter: 1.8 to sharpen details
Changed levels, curves, saturation, hue, reduced to 20% and resized back, change color mode to 256 color

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