download/install git

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download/install git

Post by angus » Fri Sep 24, 2010 2:30 pm

Hi, for your first assignment I asked you to use git, but didn't actually tell you where to download it.

The git download page is : Download git and install for your OS. You can check to see if it installed by typing "which git" from the Terminal.

The next step is to create a github account and create your first repo. Good luck! -Angus

///download/install git
If you are on OSX, you install by double-clicking on a .dmg file

If you are on Linux, you can download an rpm, and probably use apt-get install or whatever if on Ubuntu, etc.

///windows only below///
If you are Windows you will probably need to install cygwin. I recommend this; all the cool kids have a real terminal. Cygwin homepage is at: and the Installer is here:

Also I see there is an actual Windows version here if you don't want to deal with cygwin:

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