I am a composer/researcher with primary interests in generative art, audiovisual synthesis, digital sound synthesis, and media signal processing. I am currently a research associate in the Department of Computing at Goldsmiths. I hold a PhD in Media Arts and Technology from the Media Arts and Technology program at the University of California, Santa Barbara where I worked under the AlloSphere Research Facility, the IGERT Interactive Digital Multimedia Program, and transLab. I have been an assistant professor in the Department of Architecture, Design and Media Technology at Aalborg University where I also taught in the Art and Technology program.


Adrift  is a 3D immersive audio/visual composition generated entirely from a recursive matrix multiplication. Wrapture  is a sonic and visual expression of an evolving space-time curve derived from an iterated function.
S Phase  is an audio/visual metaphor of the work a cell undergoes during interphase to prepare for division. sScale  is an instrument for real-time visual and aural exploration of harmonically resonant noise.
Traffic  is a study in emergent forms based on the interaction between elementary objects. Airemin  is a Theremin-like USB musical interface that measures its distance from objects using infrared sensing.
Worm Walker  uses the frequency domain representation of an image to control a separate stochastic walk blit of its pixel data.


Gamma  is a cross-platform, C++ library for doing generic synthesis and filtering of numerical data. It is oriented towards real-time sound and graphics rendering, but is equally useful for non-real-time tasks.

GLV  (Graphics Library of Views) is a cross-platform GUI building toolkit using C++/OpenGL. GLV is specifically designed for creating interfaces to real-time, multimedia applications using hardware accelerated graphics.

AlloSystem  is a cross-platform suite of C++ components for building interactive multimedia tools and applications.

SuperCollider 3 Extensions  are a collection of classes and plugins for SuperCollider 3 including a frequency analyzier, break-point envelope editor, tuning scales, and looped-based sample player.

SynthEdit Modules  are custom modules for SynthEdit.


Supercollider 3 One-liners generate interesting sounds in one line of code.

Turtlets are single-line turtle graphics algorithms that generate complex patterns.


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